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Monday, March 1, 2010

Techno Future & Hobbies Updated

I am not much of TV person so during my free moments I am on the computer. I write, I blog, I research, and I browse Facebook or BabyCenter. Usually Olivia insists on sitting with me so together we surf the web. Most of the time she faces me but sometimes I play music or show her images online and talk about them. She also sees Daddy on the computer so she is very familiar with the keyboard. It is so funny because now she leans over to touch the keys and sometimes "writes messages". It is very funny and also a little bit of a reality check: We are raising technological babies. So much of their lives is in some way influenced by technology, starting with 3D sonograms if the parents so choose to have one. We can view this as a negative or as a positive. I believe it is a little bit of both. Several aspects of creativity are hindered when we live so connected, so e-overdone. Technology is advancement, and advancement is good, but a lot of our intelligence can only be provoked in the good, old-fashioned primitive ways. That is why we take her to park instead, or show her books, play some Bach or Rachmaninoff, or surround her with interesting objects. Because this is how Todd and I learned and how we think she gets truly stimulated. Maybe an iPhone in kindergarten would be going too far. I hope she will more quickly recognize Olivia the pig in her books instead of Dora the Explorer on television.

Pea's hobbies now:
Playing with the keyboard (I want to get her a toy one)
"Singing" along with her Gloworm
NOT napping and instead exploring her crib
Sucking her fist, thumb, fingers, or anything near her mouth
Walks in the park, viewing trees and clouds
Chatting at fans, walls, and other inanimate objects
Using tummy time as a possible means of escape. No luck yet.
Listening to good music
Staring at strangers
Making baths as splashy as possible and occasionally pooping in them
ETA: Olivia does catch glimpses of Rachel Maddow on occasion. Perhaps she will recognize her before Dora the Explorer.

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Eliska Bobeeska said...

I have been thinking about this a lot because we just got a camera and have been chatting with family on's so crazy, but just the way they will grow up I guess. When she sees her Grandpa on the computer talking and laughing at her...does she really understand what the eff is going on?? It's so weird!