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Friday, March 5, 2010

The escape artist

I need a little advice from some of you mamas. Olivia has been swaddled since she was born, and she liked it! She enjoyed sleeping snug and cozy. I figured we would just keep doing that since her sleep was so much better swaddled, and just stop when she seemed to not like it anymore or got too big. We can still get a good burrito out of her muslin wraps and they don't get too hot. These past few days she breaks out of her swaddle in her sleep. That is not the problem, the problem is that last night she woke me up because she was completely flipped over in her crib. Instead of laying down along the length of the crib, she was laying across the width of it. She uses the bars to guide herself along. I was so paranoid she would get hurt that I could not sleep! Her crib is literally right next to our bed (co-sleeping we feel more comfortable with). I know swaddling is not working anymore and now I cannot have a blanket in her crib safely. Anyone have any tips/experiences/ suggestions on how I should put her to bed now? Sleep sacks? Half swaddle? Small blanket?
I do not have photos of her 3am antics, but here she is trying to escape her crib this morning. HELP!


Eliska Bobeeska said...

We used one of those sleep sacks and liked it when my baby was small like Olivia. Warm jammies are probably enough too where you guys live. Personally, I wouldn't worry too much as long as she can lift her head up a little when she is on her belly I would feel okay. I know a lot of babies that prefer to sleep on their belly, and once they turn 3 months I think the risks for SIDS go WAY DOWN - so off the record...I wouldn't worry if she prefers to sleep that way. We have Adelaide in our bed with pillows and blankies all around. I feel connected enough to her to trust that I would know if something was wrong. Does that help?

Valeria said...
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The Garlick's said...

I wish I had advice! Charlotte is still in our room too, but in a pack and play. We dress her in zip up jammies and I put a light blanket over her bottom half. Haven't had any problems...YET! she is getting quite mobile though, and wiggles all over....I'm concerned with her smooshing her face up against the sides!

PamJ said...

we transitioned to a sleep sack when the swaddle would not stay! it worked well :) good luck!