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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

BAD mother.

Today the unthinkable happened. Something truly nightmarish. Olivia fell.
It was a typical happy morning. I was getting the baby ready for the day and I put her in the middle of our queen-sized bed to go wet a wipe in our bathroom which is right next to our bedroom. This had never been a problem because she was an immobile infant. Not anymore! She rolls. Rolls quickly and efficiently. I never left her alone longer than 30 seconds, never on an edge, and never on a high surface. Anyway, I heard her cry and ran in. She was laying on her back. I lost it. I picked her up and cried with her and felt like the worst mother in the world. Who knows, maybe you'll agree? Or maybe you will share your stories of bad motherhood. She was over it immediately, and cooed at me as I sat in shock rocking her. I felt weird all day because of it. After talking to friends and my aunts I feel a lot better. We luckily have carpet and the bed is not far off the ground.

In other news, Happy St. Patrick's Day! It was 87 degrees today and I dressed the small one in this cute summer outfit, but then I had to add a green onesie because I did not want her getting pinched! Usually Todd and I would be out drinking green beer but this year I am sitting home blogging and in pajamas. :)


Leann said...

Poor Boo! Next she will be climbing out of her crib!

Eliska Bobeeska said...

I did the exact same thing, except we have hard wood floors - how else will you learn that they are mobile? My aunt told me once that "babies are made to bounce". Just know that you are not the only one....and welcome to the heartbreak of having a baby that gets hurt. It sucks, but it will happen. Oh, one more thing...when Adelaide fell I found her laying on her tummy!!! =( Not sure what is worse. xox

The Garlick's said...

Oh this is one of my fears! I leave her on the bed all the time for a few seconds...It could have just as easily happened to me! don't be hard on yourself, and just give her extra snuggles tonight. =) I'm sure you already have though!

Adriana said...

I lifted H to hand him to my other when we were out to dinner nad whacked his head...hard..on the light above our table. The whole restaurant watched as he cried. and I cried. and my mother laughed.
So yea, we have all been there. Don't stress you are a great mama!!!

Shauna said...

All four of my kids have rolled out of bed as infants. It is heartbreaking when it happens but thank God they are okay. Don't worry she will be fine :)