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Sunday, March 28, 2010

A pea at the beach.

Yesterday, on her 5 month "birthday", one of my best friends and I took Olivia to Ocean Beach. Before going to the beach, we met at the park for coffee and a walk. Balboa Park is just so lovely and every single time I go I am reminded how lucky I am to live in such a great city. I was trying to keep the pea protected from the sun by keeping her in the stroller with a muslin blanket over it and she also sported her cool sunglasses.
The day was quite toasty and the park was a bit crowded so we decided to venture west. We stopped for a refreshment before going to the shore and Olivia decided to try a steal a sip of Micaela's water. This little girl is just too much! We were chatting and I look down and see this:
She had a little taste and that was it. Too cold, I am sure!
I haven't bought sunblock for the baby yet because most of them are so full of chemicals . We will be buying Badger brand sunscreen because it seems to be the best option. Micaela wore Olivia in the wrap so the sun would not harm her skin but we took her out to show her the sand and water. It was a blast. She loved the sand and was so curious about the ocean. Todd was concerned about the sand in her mouth or eyes but I assured him her hands were quickly rinsed off and she only played in the sand for a few moments. I am so glad she enjoyed herself because growing up there were few things I loved more than a day at the beach.
It was such a perfect Saturday, one of the best in a while!! Happy 5 months!!!!


Jessica said...

thanks for directing me to that great chemical site

Adriana said...

what a great way to celebrate! Happy 5 months! I used to live right down the street from Ocean beach on Irving and 42 street.