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Monday, June 29, 2009

Preg Woes

You guys have no idea how much all those sweet comments you send me mean to me. I'm so thankful to still be "thin" but with this big belly I feel like a small cow. My body has been good to me, but lately all this stretching and baby have taken a toll on how I feel. Right now I'm laying on the couch and my stomach feels like it weighs 80 pounds. I feel sore and have aches. I'm really looking forward to the pool at my parent's place so I can float and feel weightless in the water. I have gained like 15 pounds so far at 6 months, which for my height and weight is on the low end of the goal. Fifteen pounds is plenty, but in the U.S. we are given huge weight gain allowances so it seems like it is so little compared to the majority of women. All of it is my stomach and all the extra blood in my body. And the boobs. Just wanted to share how it feels to be pregnant today. Have a lovely Monday. :)

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BunBun said...

cant wait to float around with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!