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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It worked!

The doppler (heartbeat) machine worked! I got it today via UPS and was super excited. I laid on the couch and thought I was happily listening to her heartbeat on the headphones that come with the machine. Then Todd comes home and listens and tells me that actually it was my heart that I had been listening to (hehe, oops). Then he finds hers and it is super, super fast (it was at the bottom part of my belly, the part I can no longer see). Of course, her heart beats double the times per minute than mine does and the difference was pretty evident. We hooked up the machine to the TV and could hear it loud and clear on the speakers! It was awesome and I swear I am dying to meet her. You have NO IDEA.

And here are two pics of my (LARGE AND IN CHARGE) belly at 24 (or almost 24) weeks. WOW.




oj said...

I love your undies and the tank top! I want them! belly is pretty amazing! I can't wait for her to come out of there!

BunBun said...

holy cow val! you are so gorg...god what a pretty mamma. seriously..what a sigh for sore eyes you are. i cant want to feel olivias moving elevator !!

Leann said...

Come out we want to see you!