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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Adventures of Val & Todd

I am at work right now and rather bored. As I sit here and contemplate life, a thought occured to me. Todd and I have had a lot of adventures in our time together, and having this little creature is just the start of a whole new set of adventures. Honestly, I never thought I would be pregnant right now. I know he never thought he would be pregnant, ever. But now we are and I am so happy that it is with him that I embark on this whole new part of my life. Why? Because we both want our lives to be an adventure. We both hate mediocrity. We are both allergic to the suburbs. Because I do the laundry and he cooks. We have two hilarious cats. He wants a workshop and I want a small farm. And we both know we will have the coolest kid. Ever.

Some of our adventures thus far:
*riding on a 50+ year old scooter all around San Diego
*Todd's 22nd birthday = Morrissey concert in Tijuana!
*Radiohead- In Rainbows
*dinner date in Julian, Elliott Smith-XO for the drive home
*accidentaly falling in love and not even trying
*numerous bottles of wine drank and conversations had
*two words: Ostrich Land. Find it on it is the first video when you search curriervp1. Yeah, that's us.
*road trip to wine tasting up the Central Coast of California
*early morning flight... on a small plane Todd was the pilot of!!!!
*zipping around Las Vegas on a vintage Lambretta
*driving to San Francisco just to pick up this vintage Lambretta and strapping it to the back of a pickup truck on a very rainy drive home
*watching the gorgeous sunsets at Sunset Cliffs in San Diego while drinking beers out of paper bags
*deciding to move to San Francisco together
*Of Montreal, all day
*adopting Frank the plant
*adopting Beezus the cat (RIP)
*then adopting Ramona and consequently, Valentine
*Christmas and Thanksgiving 2008 just the two of us <3
*sake tasting in Berkelely
*riding a motorcyle down the 101 to Santa Cruz on New Year's Eve 2008. Drinking Sake shots to toast the New Year on our roof.
*February 2009- pregnancy test POSITIVE :-O

This is a very small part, it is just the beginning.

us circa 10/07


BunBun said...

que bonito

Todd said...

That made me smile. So many adventures had- so many many more to come!!

oj said...


BunBun said...

oh hi todd.. i like you a lot. i love the two of you tons. :]