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Friday, June 5, 2009

Does someone honestly think God is a woman?

No. Pregnancy is not all happiness and sunshine. Today I feel like an alien has attacked my body. The mothership. I feel tired, fat, and not so pretty. I also feel misunderstood. And frustrated. I want to be spoiled, taken care of just for the day. It's like I continue through my routine day by the day, but the truth is I'm not the same person. I am no longer selfish and I think about the baby before myself. My body doesn't feel like it just belongs to me anymore. I hate to complain, I know I'm lucky. Many women are not as lucky as me, and my baby is healthy and so am I. But today I would like to have a glass of wine, a massage, and fit into my cute clothes. I want to stay out late and feel lovely and have fun! Does anyone else want to carry her just for the day? I'm not usually like this, everyone knows how much I love my little bean. I just felt the need to vent. And as I typed this she kicked me. That's the constant little reminder that this is totally worth it.


Kirsten said...

Aww, mama bear :( I'm sure your pea doesn't begrudge you; after all, some day she may say many of the same things herself. Phone died before I could answer you today, but I'm home taking care of papa bear over here, who has to work all weekend thanks to some CC goofs. Maybe sometime this weekend once I get things tidied up, you could come by? I miss you!

BunBun said...

i can carry her ! IMAGINE ME WITH YOUR PEA BELLY! garsh