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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Yay for!

I love Amazon. Before I buy most anything, I check there first. Ever since I became pregnant I have been wanting to buy a fetal Doppler machine to listen to baby's heartbeat whenever I want just like they do at the doctor's office. After searching and searching, it seemed that the machines that actually worked were way too expensive and the cheap ones did not work at all. Finally, I got a recommendation from one of my friends and she recommended the one she purchased on Amazon. It was $39.99 plus shipping which is really cheap, especially if it works as well as it is supposed to! It had really good reviews. Here it is:


Hope it really does work! If it does, then that price is a steal!

In other news, I am wearing maternity clothes. Not everything I wear is maternity, but my amazing mother sent me some cute outfits. The tops are a little on the big side with plenty of room to grow into, but I think that wearing 70% pre-pregnancy clothes at 6 months is pretty good. But, the maternity stuff is SO comfy. GRACIAS MAMI! Here I am today wearing a non-preggers sweater with my preggers pants to go to work. It's nice to not wear leggings and yoga pants every day. I also got some skinny leg pregnancy jeans at H&M. THANKS TODD!


Have a great week y'all.

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Leann said...

Your growing! Look at that belly!