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Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I used to be able to put Olivia in her vibrating chair (sometimes with the help of a paci) and she would just drift off to sleep and I could get stuff done. Now that it seems she knows everything (and notices everything) it is becomes increasingly hard to get her to nap. She goes to bed at night easily, but naps during the day have become more of an issue. Sure, she dozes off after eating or if she is being worn, but just little cat naps. The only way to get her down for a solid nap is if I lay down in bed with her and snuggle and hum her to sleep. I am not complaining, I get to relax and cuddling with her is my favorite thing to do. But, I see her growing so fast now and I want her to slow down!!!!! The newborn days of a tiny, curly, sleepy baby are so very gone.

A photo of her when I was trying to get her to nap:

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The Garlick's said...

Charlotte is exactly the opposite...Awesome daytime napper--all I have to do is lie here down; but at night...She has to be nursed to sleep. I guess I've trained her that way! "the no cry nap solution" is a GREAT book to check out!