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Friday, February 5, 2010

Guerilla Fluff and Pierced Ears

The baby girl got her ears pierced today. It wasn't so bad. I mean, she cried harder than she ever has for like a minute and then was comforted in my arms and fell asleep. Now she is over it and seems to like them when I showed her in the mirror.
Here she is in her new Guerilla Fluff diaper and her earrings. Happy baby? Yeah :)



The Garlick's said...

Oh! I just had a debate about this on facebook! I'm getting charlotte's done soon and so many people were like, "no wait until she can take care of them herself..." I don't get that...Why not get it done when they're young so they don't mess with them?? I'm doing it soon!! =)

Valeria said...

yeah, i have heard that stuff. i find it ridiculous for many reasons. one person even compared it to circumcision, which i think was outlandish. she is already over it. why wait until she is old enough to tug at them and get them infected? plus, i am hispanic and in my culture it is no big deal. i really only hear people here in the u.s. be surprised about baby girls getting their ears pierced. and if she gets older and hates them, she can just take them out :P post pics of charlotte when she gets them. olivia looks like such a doll with them.

Jessica said...

yay Val! And thank you Todd :) I'm so happy you did it and she looks so cute. Now Tre can buy her earings for valentines! when he's older of course

Anonymous said...

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