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Tuesday, February 16, 2010


A couple of people have asked me about the diapers Olivia wears. I knew I was going to use cloth diapers since I became pregnant, but once I began doing research I started to get excited about it! Apart from the fact that they are not adding garbage to landfills and not polluting my baby's skin with chemicals, they are also so cute and soft. We mainly use fitteds, diapers that require a cover if you are going to be out but we get a great fit and I hate stuffing pocket diapers. With fitteds there is no folding, they are trim under clothing, can be adjusted as baby grows, and are usually made of all natural fibers. The fitteds we use are made by very sweet work at home moms who sew them with so much attention to detail and the quality is remarkable. The main brands we use are Bagshot Row Bamboo aka BSRB, the new and fabulous Babushkas, Pooligans, Sticky Peas, Guerilla Fluff, and Goodmama but I am always willing to try a new brand, I only listed our main ones. They are sort of addictive after a while, so you better watch out. They retail from $20-25 usually and have a great re-sale value. The catch is that most sell out each time they are stocked and therefore require "stalking" to acquire them. Unfortunately I am a great diaper stalker and get myself in trouble sometimes. Most are made with an outer cotton knit with several layer of squishy organic bamboo or bamboo velour on the inside. Some of them have snaps and some do not. Olivia is pretty skinny so I prefer to have them without snaps for a more customized fit and I secure them with a Snappi- a brilliant device I wish I would have invented.
Shown here is a Pooligan, BSRB, Sticky Peas, and Guerilla Fluff
For night we use either Rumparooz, a pocket diaper, or BumGenius One Size Organic diapers.
If you are a WAHM and want me to review one of your diapers, let me know! :)


Eliska Bobeeska said...

Thank you so much Val!!! So these ARE all in ones? Or would you put a cover (like your thirsties) over them if you were going somewhere? One of my friends is prego - and I showed her our pre-fold/ cover set up - but wanted her to see how you do it too =)

Valeria said...

The fitteds do need a cover if you are going out or under clothes. At home we do not use covers. We use thirsties or fleece or wool soakers. The Bumgenius and Rumparooz are all in ones and do not need a cover.