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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mama needs a cocktail.

The past two night Olivia has woken up crying at least twice with a very big appetite. Then she wakes around 6:30am and she is up for the day. Naps? Ha! Maybe a catnap here or there, but that is all. Many moms say around 4-5 months babies have a growth spurt and begin a new routine of sorts. Olivia may even be teething because she drools so much and ALWAYS has her hands in her mouth. She sucks her thumb a little but is all awkward and cute about it. I miss sleep and hope she can sleep through the night again. I guess I do not mind SO much since I do miss her when she sleeps so long, but I cannot deny I feel a lot more rested when she does not wake up demanding food.
And of course, I am typing this with her in my lap.

the pea

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Adriana said...

its like you ar writing about Hendrix here! he is doing the exact same thing! we just started him on rice cereal. i was reluctant but it seems to have helped the last two nights. he slept a bit better.