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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Let me tell you something.

Your dad is truly a great person. I mean it. I already know you are going to have so much fun with him, learn so much from him, and get spoiled from his love and affection. We all know that no one is perfect, but let me tell you- this man is perfect for me. There are many things I'd love to share, one in particular, that make me know that he is different from other people. But, that one thing is pretty private so I will share a bittersweet and very recent story instead:

This morning we suffered a loss. Our sweet cat, Ramona Bernice Parnassus Currier, was hit by a car in the front of Grandma Barbs' house. She found her and wrapped her in a blanket and brought her inside. She woke Todd up at 6:30am to tell him. As soon as he was up, he started digging her a grave. Then he laid with me after giving me the terrible news. As I watched him digging (not a fun thing to do early in the morning in the already hot sun) I couldn't help but love him a little more. He never lets me down. In the most simple ways I know how big his heart is. We had a lovely burial in the backyard with flowers and a few laughs. Laughs at a funeral? Yes. Ramona had her stiff little leg sticking straight out and it did not fit the in the grave, so Todd had to dig an extra two inch space for the leg to fit. There was humor in that. Ramona could always make us smile.
Now, I can hear Todd in the garage and his loud woodcutting machine is on. I'll bet you five bucks he is making something to put on her grave.


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BunBun said...

:) the sweetest thing i have ever read