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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Great news to wake up to.

I'm feeling very positive today. Ever since I became pregnant and started reading about childbirth, I knew that a natural, vaginal birth with no drugs was for me. I wasn't sure about home birth, but it was a very probable option. Mainly I wasn't sure because we would be moving and that made planning so hard. I had this idealized notion that when you are pregnant you see the same doctor at every visit and then that doctor delivers your baby. Not at Kaiser, which means it has not been the case for me. My first doctor at Kaiser in San Francisco, which I have mentioned, always seemed cold and standoffish. Then I had the nice Russian nurse practitioner and I had to leave her and come here to San Diego. Now I have Dr. Perez and though I like him, he is on a rotation with other doctors and if he is not there when I am in labor then I will have another doctor that I have never met deliver my baby. Plus, he is going on vacation and my next appointments will be with another doctor I haven't even met. I know what I want out of my birth, and unless there is a problem, I will not allow unnecessary medical interventions.
So, all of this brings me to this morning. A new friend recommended birthing classes that are taught by her midwife. She will be having a home birth (lucky!) and has been so helpful to me. I overthought taking the birthing classes and hadn't scheduled them and freaked out a couple of days ago when I noticed I need more preparation and I am getting to close to my due date. I called her midwife, Sunshine, and she called me back today. To make a long story short, I am not too late because she is willing to meet us (Todd and I) on Friday to make up for the class we missed last week then we start regular classes on Sunday for the next three weeks. We also talked about me hiring a doula to help me through labor and to stay with my birthplan since at the hospital I will be dealing with several nurses that do not know me or what I expect. It was such a relief to speak to her, we had a nice chat, and I cannot wait to meet her on Friday!

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