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Monday, October 3, 2011


One may think that a mother of two (still under two) should have plenty of blog writing material. I mean, there's those milestones and late nights up, sleep patterns and word counts. These posts are absent around these parts because the days are too short. Too quick. The day begins and I am trying to savor my cup of coffee while Olivia declares her state of independence in a language I can only sort of decipher. Mila coos and smiles, her eyes get larger daily. Whirlwinds.
My blog lacks daily posts and fluidity. I am all over the place. Every single morning I consciously lay in the first couple of minutes upon waking, while scooting Mila closer for her morning feeding, and I plan our day. The day is planned depending on the weather, my mood, and the day of the week. Playdates, activities, park days abound but it seems trivial to post photos of Olivia on yet another swing. Do you really care how many times little M wakes per night?
Life has kicked me square in the ass and I took the hint. I am aware that my plate is full and I fill it more. I've chosen to surround my girls and me with everything our city has to give. The brilliant sun that never seems to falter, endless parks to discover, and good music. Creativity gets us through the day to day and inspires us. Others inspire me and I inspire them. I hope.


The Garlick's said...

well, I DO in fact care how many times Mila wakes up at night. But I also have a 3 month old. So I'm boring. =) And selfish.

Radiant said...

I care as you well know <3