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Sunday, October 16, 2011


The weeks are flying. I mean, tomorrow it's Monday and I will wake up to Friday. Perhaps that is the way it goes when there is so much going, going, going. One thing that is for certain about motherhood is that you are so immersed into another being that is growing like a weed, you start to realize your own age is incrementing just as quickly.

I have made a conscious choice to savor every moment we spend doing not much of anything. I have this fire burning inside me to create-explore-become but really I need to extinguish it with the reality that right now I am every bit a mother. I smell Olivia's hair every single time she will sit in my lap for more than a second, I relish in Mila tiny hands cupping her mama milk cup, and I try to plan fun adventures for us that will bring that light into O's eyes. Tall trees, play structures, animals, wide open spaces where she can run. I can wait for me.

Last night we had a "family" dinner at our close friend's house and after Mila was set down to sleep Olivia was still up and hanging out with all the adults. She is so aware of the surroundings. Dancing, singing, laughing, a mini sous-chef for the guys preparing our yummy meal. Our blondie is so much fun and I cannot wait keep exploring the world the way she sees it. So large, exciting, lacking constraints. She is so free.

Coronado, CA 10/11

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Susanna said...

i've loved going over your blog (came from milk friendly)...i just had my 5th baby & have had various struggles with breastfeeding, but always keep at was nice to be encouraged by you to keep going too!