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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Let's talk food.

The husband and I have an unspoken agreement on who does what around here. It's not set in stone or anything but with our juggle of duties it's really nice that we're all hands on deck. This semester Todd literally has one day off a week, and that day off is crammed with family fun time, his studying, running errands, shopping, and recently to my dismay: football.

This new jam-packed schedule has put me in quite the predicament. I have to do the cooking. Some days, it's all three meals. You may be shocked, but no, I do not enjoy cooking. I love good food, I just do not get all stoked on slaving away in the kitchen. Baking, sure. Cooking every meal Olivia and I eat- blah. Todd wears the chef hat around here and he wears it well.


So, the issue here is a mama who isn't a kitchen whiz like my own mama is and a toddler with a discerning palate. She squeals in delight over sushi, broccoli, and gouda but turns her nose at chicken nuggets and any other food that isn't colorful. She's bored with my easy, safe dishes and I need some ideas.


In other words- SHARE YOUR TODDLER FRIENDLY RECIPES PLEASE. What do you make for your kids?


Anonymous said...

Kabocha squash is really easy to bake. It looks great and taste great!

Just cut it half, gut it, either use coconut oil and or butter and bake it @ 350 for 45 ish minutes; until the squash is super tender. Test it with a fork. (tender squash= pokes all the way through with a fork)

After baking, let it cool for ten minutes and its very delicious. You can either blend it into a cream or just serve as is.

Cheese and apples is another good one.


Moni said...

Chipotle tilapia (frozen from costco, delicious with lemon on top) with parmesan cous cous (any grocery store, I dont have the brand that I use now). 10 minutes and tasty!

Je m'appelle Danielle said...

Butternut squash nuggets, you can buy a large, already cut into squares, pack at costco for about $5, so convenient. Sesame oil, sesame seeds and some seasoning salt then bake in the oven, or with another sauce. My cousin uses butternut squash puree over macaroni noodles

Other winter squashes are in season right now too, delish.

Baked eggplant strips, but eggplants are not really in season anymore.

Slow cooker, the best thing ever. Saves time in a big way. Google 365crockpot she uses a lot of instant food, but you can always modify, she makes everything in a slow cooker.

Make muffins, pumpkin muffins, zucchini muffins with wheat flour and nuts. Protein, and fiber, cut some of the sugar, and muffins are something kids seem to always be okay with eating. And you can freeze them. Easy peasy.

The Garlick's said...

I prepare a ton of food on Sundays--steamed brown rice, quinoa, grilled chicken, steamed veggies, sliced fruit, steel cut oats, even organic mac and cheese...Blah.
Then throughout the week my husband (the cooking challenged one) has something quick to heat up for lunch or dinner. Charlotte loves hummus and pita bread or sliced red peppers. If things aren't already sliced and mostly prepared, he reaches for whatever is easiest and not necessarily the most healthy.
She also loves peanut butter and honey sandwiches on Dave's Killer Bread, scrambled eggs with homemade pesto, quesadillas with cheese, beans and wheat tortillas. Pre-sliced apples and peanut butter.
Organic soups that have been drained and rinsed a bit (too much sodium, otherwise).
Turkey meatloaf or meatballs. I made a Lentil "meat"loaf (google it) and she LOVED it.
Homemade burritos with black beans and cheese and onions freeze great and heat up quickly.
Sweet potato "fries" baked in the oven--olive oil, salt and pepper. Mmmm. She also loves baked red potatoes with cottage cheese on top!
You can take any veggie, peel/slice and roast at 400 degrees with olive oil and salt and pepper (maybe add some onions or garlic) and it's delicious with brown rice, cous cous, quinoa.

Adriana said...

for quick easy stuff i buy the premade tofu from whole foods. they ahve like a grab n go type section with little salads and what not and they ahve golden sesame tofu, 2.50$ for a little plastic thing of it. H LOVES it.
also, target's frozen thai inspired rice is one of H's favs. its got loads of veggies and a bit of a kick to it. super yum!

he loves pesto, vodka sauce, and alfredo on psta.
also there is recipe i got on under the broccoli section for broccoli chedder nuggest that i bake and freeze a whole bunch of. he loves them and they take 30 seconds to reheat!