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Monday, June 27, 2011

S U R V I V A L .

Every mom to a new baby has a few items that she considers crucial to her survival in the first couple of weeks. This time around I realized that the most important survival tool to me was nothing found at Babies R Us but in the PEOPLE that are my support system. Recovering post-partum, a new baby who is attached to the boob, and a needy 20-month old makes for the need for help. At first I needed help just putting my underwear on, now 10 days later I need help with Olivia since I cannot lift her and sometimes my pain starts up again and I need to chill. Without my parents (mom, especially) and Todd I do not know how I would have made it.

Here is my short list of other "must-haves". Really, newborns do not need much. Don't let the baby warehouse convince you otherwise. Soon, all that brightly colored plastic stuff will just clutter. Save your money!

-NIPPLE CREAM! Pure lanolin.
-Cloth reusable nursing pads. Softer and comfier than the disposables that remind me of maxi pads for your boobs.
-Medela silicon breast shield. Allowed me to nurse with bleeding nipples. OW!
-Electric breast pump. Kept my supply up even when Mila was already full and my breasts haven't engorged. Can you believe I already have a small frozen stash???? YES!!!
-Light swaddlers for warm June days (I swear by Aden & Anais muslin wraps), and 100% cotton onesies. The wraps double as nursing covers, burp rags, and protect from harsh sun!
-A ring sling for tucking her in when we go to doctor appointments
-Boppy nursing pillow AND My Brest Friend nursing pillow. Both work great at different times... I would say My Brest Friend is best for proper nursing positioning in the beginning and the Boppy is great for its versatility and use later on when baby is bigger.
-Comfy pajamas and granny panties for me!
-Bravado nursing bras. SO WORTH THE EXTRA CASH! No weird misshapen boobs, comfy, seamless.
-Pure cocoa butter for after a nice, warm shower to relax me, heal dry skin, and make me smell good :)
*-My encapsulated placenta. This will get a post of its very own.


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