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Friday, June 10, 2011

40 weeks tomorrow.

Baby has been measuring big all along but I am so glad I didn't go by any of the doctor's adjusted due dates. Those have come and gone and miss honey is sitting pretty. I guess I make a comfy incubator because Olivia was in no hurry to leave, either.

Since I am pushing (no pun intended) to deliver without a c-section, I am trying natural methods of perhaps triggering labor. If baby girl doesn't come on her own by the date my doctors deem safe (past 41 weeks) I would rather walk into a c-section than endure another chemical induction at the hospital that is likely to fail.

So far I have tried:

Walking, lots of it
Raspberry leaf tea
Evening primrose oil- In more ways than one :-O
Good old sexy time
Labor cookies (yummy but no action)
Nipple stimulation
Spicy food

Monday I am getting a massage and acupuncture. If she isn't here by Wednesday I am considering castor oil. If any of you mamas have tried it, please comment and give me your two cents.

Send labor vibes our way!!!

-The round one


The Garlick's said...

GOOD LUCK!!! sexy time, walking, and a foot/ankle massage with clary sage oil finally put me into labor (i did all three on the same day!). Never had the nerve to try castor oil, although it worked for my friend twice!

Eliska Bobeeska said...

I thought of one more thing...can you have them strip your membranes?

Tara said...

You've been in my thoughts! I know I don't ever comment, but I read your blog all the time. I had a CS for my first one too....Hopefully for the second I will be able to have a VBAC! I hope that you little girl makes her appearance soon and you have a successful vbac!!!!

nch said...

i tool castor oil with Porter and went into labor about 6 hours later. I put ice cream, root beer and 4 oz of castor oil in a blender and just sucked it down through a straw as fast as i could. It wasn't that bad. I was also a week late so he was ready to come out.

Shauna said...

Having my membranes stripped and then going on a long "fast" walk (no dawdling) has worked for me. Johnny was my first baby that I went into labor completely on my own without ever being internally checked the whole pregnancy. It was nice to for once do it 100% naturally but I understand that your doctor wants you to be induced if you don't go into labor on his time frame. "Sexy time" has never worked for me only having my membranes stripped. Good Luck!

Valeria said...

Niether my OB or midwife even mention membrane strips. Are these routinely done?

Shauna said...

I think a lot of times midwives or doctors do it when they give you an internal exam but may not tell you. Doctors and some midwifes start at 36 weeks. My midwife would only do it if I went over my due date but my midwives in NY started doing it around 38 weeks. If your body and baby are not ready it will do nothing but if you are ready it can start labor especially if you walk and are active afterwards.

Tara said...

I had my membranes stripped as well. My midwife did it, but only after my due date. She said that it works about half the time. It was a tiny bit painful, but only for like 5 seconds....It gave me some cramping and spotting for the rest of the day....