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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Into the 32nd week.

I want to eat...

green seedless grapes
chocolate chip cookies

I crave...


My belly is enormous.
So far, it's the only thing getting super large.

The weeks are going by fast and slow at the same time.

I want to see what my baby girl looks like. I want to hold her.

I hope and wish and daydream about my body going into labor naturally when she's ready.

My body feels sore. Carrying around this big belly is like a workout at the end of the day.

A toddler that likes to be held doesn't help.

Two voices soon. "Mama. Mama. MAMA!!!"

In the meantime...

Extra hugs and kisses for Pea.
Collecting and sorting adorable summer onesies and teeny dresses.
Mini newborn cloth diapers that look like clouds.

We need a bigger bed.

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