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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Happy birthday to me.

I turn 25 today.

Only twenty-five and I am a wife and a mother of two. I don't ever remember feeling so glad to be another year older, hopefully wiser. I feel calm and introspective, both feet planted firmly on the ground. I've always been a dreamer, I was always searching and yearning for more. At thirteen I longed for freedom so I could find my purpose, freedom to be the person I wished I was. There is nothing I wanted more than independence. In old diaries I wrote of escaping to a city rich in art and culture, maybe with a handsome boy and a cat. I'd write and explore and live every day to the fullest. And I did. I did this.

Now everything has been re-purposed and I find myself digging back into my roots. I find courage in my mother's words and happiness in my daughter. Every day I appreciate my husband more and like myself better. I've learned a lot and this only serves to remind me there is still so much I do not know.

I am happy where I am right now. Some things are on hold and some are moving steadily along. Parts of me are in limbo and others are sprouting and so alive. I am happy to still write, embark on small adventures, and wake up joyous to find a brand-new day. Young, ready, strong, naive. Still a dreamer, always a dreamer.



Eliska Bobeeska said...

Happy Birthday beautiful mama! You are such inspiration. I really cherish your blog. Enjoy this day, year, and all of the love that is to keep growing in you! xox

Shauna said...

Happy Birthday Valeria! I remember turning 25 and living in NYC. I had just met my boyfriend 1 month before and I had no idea that he would be my future husband.
25 is going to be so great for you...Congratulations!

Ainsley said...

happy birthday mama!

renee kristine said...

happy birthday!!

The Garlick's said...

happy birthday! You are beautiful and glowing...seriously one of the most photogenic women ever!

Adriana said...

could you BE any hotter!!!??? Happy Birthday!

Valeria said...

THANK YOU to all you gorgeous women!