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Thursday, January 27, 2011

The short list.

When a mama is expecting her first baby, she usually has an extensive list of needs and wants and out of that list, she'll be lucky if she uses half of them. Since this baby girl will be my second, and also because I gave birth to my first only 15 months ago (!!!!), my list is quite short and concise. There are only a handful of things I need. I already have blankets, clothes, cloth diapers, the crib, wraps to wear her in, etc.

Here is what is currently on my short list:

Aden+Anais Dream Blanket. We have the Aden+Anais muslin wraps and I love them. So many of my friends have recommended this blanket, and I'll be sure to pack it in the hospital bag.

Medela breast pump. I really regretted not buying a good pump when I had Olivia, especially because of our breastfeeding challenges. This pump has quite a price tag, but it will surely pay off. Especially since my goal is to NEVER buy a can a formula.

Whale Tub. My mom bought this tub for Olivia and I loved it. It sat her very comfortably as a newborn, and we still use it now! It is light and easy to prop up when not in use. Olivia's is starting to show wear and it will be time for a new one for her little sister this summer.

Skip Hop Diaper Bag. This bag has wonderful reviews, and seems perfect for what I need. Something cute, functional, and durable. I was never super in love with the bag I used for Olivia, and it has her name monogrammed on it. This one has great reviews on Amazon, and the price tag is fair.

Double Stroller. I still do not know which, but this is my biggest ticket item. I want something light, durable, comfy, and sleek. Piggy bank, please be good to me!

That is all on the list to buy for now. I am going to make her cloth wipes, a blankie to cuddle with, and nursing pads for me. Any items you couldn't live without? Please share!


Eliska Bobeeska said...

Hello! I hate to be a total downer - but I wanted to share this report about the Mustela shampoo because it is very VERY toxic! It just makes me so crazy that these companies are allowed to make something that is so toxic, and have it be for babies of all things. I always go to this website... to look up all of our bath products. You will be amazed at how horrible most of the baby shampoos and lotions are. We stick to Burts Bees and California Baby for that reason. Sorry to be the downer! =(

Valeria said...

Thanks Alisha! I didn't know of that site when Pea was first born, but I do review everything on that now, and was going to before buying this again. I always appreciate good info :)

Jessica said...

So if this baby is going to the crib, where is Olivia going? My must have was a night time nursing bra for the night the milk came in. I didn't have one and so wish I did.

Valeria said...

Jess, this is only the baby list! The mama list is coming soon :)

Valeria said...

Jess, the baby isn't going in the crib right away. When she does, Olivia is going in her own room in a little bed or maybe in our room in a little bed, it depends how she transitions. The baby will sleep with us in a co-sleeper (probably the one I buy from you) until she outgrows it!