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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It's a...

Today I went to my regular OB check-up in hopes that we may find out the gender of the baby. I went from wanting to keep it a secret to DYING to know. After she did the preliminary boring stuff (I have gained 5 pounds) she asked if I wanted to try and see the gender. I excitedly said, "YES!" and after trying to get the baby to move and open her/his legs she said that it looked to be a girl. I kept wanting her to look again, maybe he is hiding his manparts from us! After around three tries the verdict was likely a girl, but not 100% certain. On Monday we have the anatomy ultrasound which is more thorough and we will likely know for sure.

I am slightly disappointed, only slightly, because I really envisioned a little boy. Mostly, I am super excited to know Pea will have a sister, a built-in best friend, and a little girl playmate just like her. I have a sister and couldn't imagine not having one. So, I'll have two little girls. That totally suits me. And makes my heart warm.

Plus, let's be real. I already have all the girly crap anyway.


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Eliska Bobeeska said...

That is very exciting!!! It will be nice to be able to use your amazing diaper supply and clothes right? I think if I had another one I would hope for another girl too because I have a sister as well and can't imagine life without her. Congratulations!!! And hey...ya never know right? You might get another suprise on Monday? =)

Jess Craig said...

yay for girls! that's way exciting (and saves you a ton of money!).

Shauna said...

Congratulations! I voted girl, so what do I win? haha
God knows exactly what you, Todd and Olivia need....a precious daughter and little sister :)

The Garlick's said...

I voted Boy. I'm ALWAYS ALWAYS wrong. Like 100% wrong. Well, I'm hoping for a girl too but won't know for 4 more weeks! Congratulations!

Adriana said...

congrats!!!! two sisters. so cute.