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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Four letter word.

Usually, I am calm and collected. Not overly emotional, keep a clear head, roll with the punches. It doesn't mean I do not get pissed or sad, it just means I don't let it hang out over my head all day. Usually I have too much going on to dwell and pout. I embrace life's imperfections and let them teach me what they must. But, then there are days where the cloud shifts and the bright light of reality casts an unflattering shadow on everything and I feel overwhelmed. I feel like throwing in the towel and floating on a lazy river wearing oversized sunglasses and sipping way too strong pink cocktails. I want complete loneliness and Belle and Sebastian playing in the background.

If you never have those moments, I applaud you.

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Marie Marie said...

Beautiful words! I'm glad I found your blog and definately will be comming back for more.