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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The sweetest part of the universe II

My firm belief is that not everyone should be a parent. Many couples are childless and proud and more power to them. Some people decide to procreate and I am sure many of us wish they didn't. My grandmother says a woman is not truly a woman until she becomes a mother. Does that mean a woman who never has children never really becomes a woman? I do not agree.
There is obviously a selfish spontaneity to a life without a kid. Last-minute vacations, fancy furniture you don't mind ruining, and extra money to buy vintage YSL without having to worry about baby vom or the harsh reality that you never go out anymore. It means no stretch marks or awful nursing bras.
But then again, they miss out on something pretty huge. Humans who never become parents will never experience the sweetest part of the universe. That tiny little planet that closes in around you at night in a warm bed with a sleepy baby cuddled up in your arms. Not just any baby, my baby. My own flesh and blood, right after her bath. Her hair smells like heaven and she is so gentle, so pure. Nothing else can come even remotely close to having my little girl's breath on my face as I just let the rest of the world melt away.
from The Three Ages of Woman by Gustav Klimt