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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hrm... interesting.

Pea doesn't watch television, but we do listen to The Shins. This whole kiddie program thing is new to me.

Articles like this one really help me reconsider our country's idea of the so-called "educational" television and how I plan to implement television watching as my daughter grows up. One thing I do know: No kiddie show will ever come close to being as enlightening and stimulating as going out and exploring the real world with your child.

One of my favorite examples of this can be found over at Urban Housewife Blog. Her two adorable kids have so many fun adventures and she happens to have a super talented eye for photography to capture it all!

Don't get me wrong. I am not anti-TV. I used to watch Sesame Street and then I'd go off and read a picture book. It's all about balance. One hour of television so mama can get a break is obviously not going to turn your toddler into a vegetable, but it is interesting to think of ways to expand your child's own imagination instead of spoon feeding them the marketing that is our highly profitable American media.

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