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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Oh, hi!

I've been an awful blogger lately but I promise I do have good reasons! The main one is that my laptop was eaten by a virus so I do not have the internet at my new place. Hopefully that situation will be fixed soon. I did notice, however, that without internet I have a lot more time to read and hopefully start on those projects that I have been wanting to complete for a while. I want to make Olivia some felt toys and also begin writing my children's stories. I will be sure to share :)
Our new apartment is starting to feel more like home and it is absolutely WONDERFUL to have a large closet. There is space for everything + more and it's fun to walk in there and shop my own stuff for inspiration on what to wear. I will take photos of everything soon. The location is so great. We can walk to the library and the local natural goods grocery store within minutes! There are so many restaurants I cannot wait to check out, everything from Mexican to Thai food! Yum.
The babe has been such a delight, her personality is so much fun. She is silly but also craves attention and will get pissed if we ignore her/do not give her what she wants. I have to remind myself that she is still a baby and I can spoil her all I want but people's comments make me second guess myself. I do not want her to turn into a demon child that no one likes. So far we are doing okay, though. She brings happiness and smiles to everyone she is around. What more could I ask for?

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Jess Craig said...

she is seriously gorgeous.