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Monday, July 26, 2010


There is a chance that I may be finally getting this whole mom thing down.

I started to hate going to the post office. Every time I had to go and mail something I was haunted by an experience I had once when Olivia was only around 2 months old. Back then (almost 7 months ago!) I was still new at the whole mom thing and I often put myself in hairy situations. I had to ship some packages so I wrapped the little monster up in the Moby wrap and stood in line. It was a nightmare trying to scribble down addresses on envelopes and stuff them with what I had to mail with a fussy baby. She was hungry, my boobs hurt because they knew it was time to feed her, and everyone was staring at me with intrigue/sympathy. I was sweaty and flustered and I am sure they wondered why I had my infant strapped to my body.
Now, running errands with the babe is actually enjoyable. This morning I had some parcels to ship out and for a second I hoped there wasn't another super long line because I did not want another "episode". As soon as I had Olivia nice and snug in our beloved Ella Belly carrier I knew we were good to go. She was happy and chatty and loves how the old people always make the funniest faces at her. I still look really tired often, but at least people don't look at me weird anymore.

My #1 tip for a newbie mom: Wear your baby. It makes life so much easier. Free hands are a good thing to have.

(I warned you. I still look tired.)

The ham.


Meaghan said...

I can't get over how her looks have changed so much in the past month!

What would we ever do without BW'ing?

Adriana said...

ok so i NEED a i survived this long without one is insane. ive actually hurt my wrist from carrying H around all the time so i wanna know what you would recommend? I dont have a huge budget and H is pretty almost 20 lbs. whatya think?

Eliska Bobeeska said...

I can't believe how beautiful Olivia is! She is so pretty - I just love her!