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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Booboo Bunny

There was another mishap on this sunny Wednesday. I was sitting on the floor with Olivia in my lap and she decided to push herself out of my arms and bump her head. Having an active child has its downsides! It was very minor but the bump made her cry. My sister walks in and reminds me that this is a situation for Booboo Bunny! What a success! Booboo Bunny saved the day :)
We have several left over from my baby party, they were party favors my girlfriends bought! They are so genius. It is a terry towel somehow knotted into the shape of a bunny with a little ice pack inside. They live in the freezer and work wonders in a time of tears.
She preferred playing with BBB instead of having her on her head :)


Jessica said...

I think Tre might need a boo boo bunny someday.

Radiant said...

YAY! I knew when I found those they would come in handy! I’m glad it was for something minor though!

Shauna said...

We have a boo boo bunny that I bought for Amelia when she was a baby. Our bunny is almost 8 years old and still kicking!