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Monday, April 5, 2010

Earthquakes and Bonding

This morning I feel like I felt when Olivia was a newborn. Actually, not so much. Sad thing is my body is getting so used to interrupted sleep. I have a terrible cough and on top of that the child refused to sleep last night. I woke up from a cough attack and as soon as I was finally drifting back to sleep I heard the baby's pacifier shoot out of her mouth quickly followed by her cries. That was the cycle of the whole night. She'd cry, I picked her up, she would be happy and looking around. I would lay her down and the cycle would repeat. I do not think it was because of the huge earthquake we had that day, because she went to sleep fine when it was bedtime. Finally, I decided to feed her around 4am and as we sat there the entire building shook again! I screamed and woke everyone up. What a night! We sleep right next to the baby but she sleeps in her crib. Our bed is not big enough to safely co-sleep until she is a bit bigger but as a last resort I brought her to bed with us and voila, happily she slept with her mommy and daddy.
Recently, I have noticed Olivia's attachment to me is becoming very apparent. Before, anyone could hold her and she would be fine with it. Now, she searches for me when I am not within her vision and even cries until she sees me or is held by me again. Of course, it warms a part of heart that we have this connection but at the same time I feel bad because so many people love her and sometimes she only wants mama's arms. I have read in child development books that around 6 months babies start to realize that things or people still exist even though they do not see them. Perhaps this explains why I am suddenly sensing her attachment. Sometimes I even have to wear her while brushing my teeth!


Eliska Bobeeska said...

I have heard that when they are able to move their bodies...they need their brain to stay "stay with mama" so they don't run away! =) It's so sweet when they get that strong attachment. Don't worry, it won't last forever. I noticed it again even stronger at about 12 months. It's natural and normal, and it means you are a very good mama!!

adriana said...

i noticed hendrix has been doing the same thing. its nice but i do feel bad sometimes. I love that im the one that brings him that comfort tho...isnt that why we become mamas?