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Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I came out to the car tonight to grab the rest of the groceries. My brother in law is in the process of moving to a new apartment and his couch is sitting in our driveway while he gets situated. The air is still warm and a little sticky, it's so quiet and the crickets are chirping. The babies and husband are cozy inside, I can see the artificial glow of the lights in every window. Now I'm sitting on the couch and all I hear is the occasional car rush down the street and these crickets. The air has a relaxing heaviness to it. I never noticed how low the pepper tree branches droop, delicately grazing the trunk of the car and the brick fence. Its shadow is large and uneven. Pepper trees are my only company and it's so nice to just breathe this clean air. There's really no purpose to this post other than to share how wonderful it is to just kick my feet up in the driveway of our house on this beautiful August night.

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Adriana said...

i wish i was where you are