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Sunday, August 7, 2011


It's so much fun having a little person in my life like Olivia. She is like a hurricane of emotions: excitement, frustration, joy, silliness, defiance, mischievousness. Sometimes all of the feelings are experienced in a ten minute time frame. Big kisses, loud screams, sweet giggling.

I'm having a blast experiencing firsts with her. It's always a big deal as a parent when your baby rolls over for the first time or says "mama". These milestones are exciting because they start to reveal the tiny human inside of that small blob of newborn we grow used to. Still, I've found these don't quite compare to experiencing the firsts of toddlerhood. First time going down the curly slide all alone and going "weeeee" all the way down, or the first cream center of an Oreo and saying "yummmm". There is the first street festival and pointing at all the rides and the of course the shock of the first time the Pacific slapped her in the face while playing in the ocean.

Today she got her face painted at the Chula Vista Lemon Festival and the look on her precious face when she looked in the mirror was so worth the $7. If you have met Olivia you'll be shocked to hear she sat PERFECTLY still the entire time. Like a big girl.



Anonymous said...

Is that the skirt I brought her from India? she looks so cute!!! I can't wait to be able to go to these things with you girls! <3 -Cheech

The Garlick's said...

I wish I could meet this little girl. She sounds like Her and Charlotte would be so silly together.