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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sisters (Post 1 of many)

This morning Olivia and I stayed in bed snuggled together, still asleep. Husband was already off starting his day and I was in no hurry to interrupt some cuddle time with my daughter. The kid moves a lot, even when she is sleeping, and accidentally kicked my belly as she dreamt of whatever it is she dreams of. Well, this woke her little sister up who decided to respond by offering up some karate kicks of her very own. I woke up today feeling both of my girls at the same time.

Honey #2 quite frankly came to us a bigger surprise than Olivia. Well, a different surprise. With Olivia we were living a completely different life and created a whole new one to suit the new addition to our team of two. When we finally felt like we had this whole parenting thing down, confident in our family of three, she came along and nestled herself in my body determined to grow. A whole new person being thrown in the mix of super hectic mornings and a teeny soul that hadn't even turned 1 yet.

Today at 7:40am I realized that these two little girls were made for us just as much as we were made for them. And even more so, they were meant for each other. As the years pass by I realize how my sister and I have polar opposite qualities in our personality for a reason. It's no mistake that we are oil and vinegar because how else would we learn from each other? Remind each other to keep it real and always be true to what is right. I have yet to know what the future may bring for my two littles but I wish for them to know that their bond is not just blood, it is not just sharing a mommy and daddy, or both coming from the same big pregnant belly. It's a bond that is deeper than any other they will experience, a sister is something irreplaceable, and I can only hope that I will be successful in teaching them to never forget that.

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Eliska Bobeeska said...

That almost made me cry. I love to read what you write. So perfectly said as usual =) Makes me miss my sister.