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Monday, September 6, 2010

The diva.

Yesterday was a challenging Sunday. It all began Saturday night. Olivia refused to sleep after Todd fed her dinner, a bottle, and all the usual bedtime routine steps. When I tried to rock her to sleep, I could tell she was tired but fighting it. Finally, nearly two hours after we began trying to get her down she finally passed out. In our bed, of course. Then, yesterday she just fought us in little ways throughout the day.
Screaming if we put her in the car seat, standing up in her highchair though she was strapped in, throwing insane tantrums if we took something away, and full-blown sobbing if we said the word "no" to her. I understand this is not usual behavior for a 10-month old infant but I assure you that my sweet daughter's antics yesterday were that of a bratty toddler.
She refused a nap and after three hours of trying *everything* Todd and I decided to put her in her crib with a paci and some toys and let her settle down herself. As you know, I condone peaceful parenting and we have never let Olivia cry it out. I gave this experiment a 5 minute max and left the room. I sat and watched the clock. I could hear her crying but it was not an urgent or scared cry. It was a meek and tired cry, and four minutes in she started to settle down. Six minutes later she was peacefully sleeping without a single tear on her face.
I felt like I was failing the fundamentals of our parenting style, but at the same time she was not hysterical and cleary exhausted. I think it is a mix of several things. She is frustrated she cannot communicate, and she is starting to realize her actions get a reaction from us. She is still a happy and loving child, but if she gets upset or does not like something she loses her cool really quick. I am going to start consistently signing with her and hopefully she picks up on it. I am hopeful this will allow her to tell us what she wants. She is a smart kid, and that can be challenging for her and for us.
By bedtime, my head hurt from her sporadic crying and screaming. Todd and I were both kind of in shock by her behavior. I gave her a nice, warm bath and she threw a fit when it was time to come out. She also got super pissed when I put her pajamas on. I was humming her to sleep and then she decided she still wanted to play. Finally, after 10:00pm, she finally was able to sleep. In our bed, using all of our pillows.


Eliska Bobeeska said...

She is so adorable! I wanted to share that we have often used teething tabs, or the homeopath camamila to calm Adelaide when she is over-tired. I know exactly the child you were dealing with, and I really think it might be over-tiredness? It's a fine line it seems, and once they get there they refuse to sleep. So frusterating! The teething tabs etc. seems to help her relax. It's all homeopathic so no real medicine. I couldn't live without it.

Anonymous said...

ya se que todas las mamas tenemos distintas formas de pensar y educar a nuestros hijos pero poniendo mis estudios en practica el querer que se comunique con senias no es la solucion, es normal que se frustre es parte de su desarrollo apenas tiene 10 meses en este mundo!!! ella entiende perfectamente lo que tu le DICES con palabras. Si tu empiezas a comunicarte con ella por senias vas a limitar su lenguaje y atrasarla en su desarrollo de lenguaje. Puedes enseniarle con senias pero siempre utilizando el lenguaje despues de cada senia.

The Garlick's said...

I feel your pain--I am also adamantly opposed to CIO, but babes need a few minutes to settle themselves. As moms, we know when the cries are truly distressed and when they're just tired or a little mad. Charlotte fusses for about 1-4 minutes before she drifts off...Longer if she's over tired. You did the right thing, mama!!