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Thursday, January 28, 2010


A few weeks after discovering I was with child I decided to seek online parenting forums. Why? Because Todd was entertained while we waited for the bus in SF or in OB-GYN waiting rooms thanks to his bookmarked iPhone pages like Modern Vespa and motorcycle sites like BARF. The first thing I learned from parenting forums is that there are some clinically insane people in the world living their lives like sane beings. The second thing I learned was that some young-ish moms lose their friends when they become pregnant due to lifestyle changes and a shift in priorities.
I have mentioned before in this blog the term "lucky". To be honest, I never considered myself lucky until I was pregnant and realized all that I had. My girlfriends have stuck with me like glue and our families have been the most fundamental source of support for us as new parents. Most of my closest friends are not moms yet and almost all of them were in that hospital waiting room at 12:26 in the morning waiting for my darling Olivia to come into the world. I could cry now just dwelling on it.
Once I became a mother, they still stand next to me. My mom, dad, and sister are my heroes as well. But not only that. I have also made some new friends I am so grateful for and learn from. My new life as a mom has taught me so much about living. I know that it is so completely cliche but it is fact. So much of a true friend lies in that person's ability to remain next to you when your life changes. And another part of being a real friend is appreciating the ones that stick.

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Me with cousins

Us in Maine for Mic's wedding 7 months preggo


Todd and Caela making my belly cast (9 months preggo)

A highly unflattering picture of me but a great photo of their company


Pea and Aunt Gabz


Olivia and her BFF Tre



BunBun said...


we love pea. we love you. we love todd. love is in the air.

Leann said...

I love you two more than anything. Now since all of this wondfulness has happened I have realized more than anything I want a family of my own soon :)