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Monday, January 4, 2010

A new year.

I have been bad at blogging recently. Whenever I am buzzed enough off of caffeine or actually have the energy to write something somewhat interesting I instead use that energy to wash diapers, clean house, or maybe put on some makeup. There is a lot going on I guess, well, Todd and I are making some choices. Financial ones. Do we get our own place now and I will not be a stay-at-home mom and we won't have such a nice cushion in savings or we stay and continue sharing space. For now, I think sharing space is the best option. It's not so bad really.
Another situation going on is that my milk supply has dwindled and I need to re-lactate. I am in the process of this and will update. This is the point where most moms throw in the towel but I cannot do that. I do not blame the moms that do; though I would have secretly criticized myself a few months ago. It is so frustrating and draining, but very worth it. I never thought it would happen but it did. Olivia is growing and thriving and so smart already but I enjoy the closeness of breastfeeding and miss nursing her more and feeling my body produce plentiful amounts of the best food around! Plus, my boobs looked amazing.
Currently I am in the market for a stroller and a diaper bag. I want to buy a used stroller and do not want (nor can I) spend a lot since I primarily wear Olivia and will only use the stroller for long walks and such. I really want a Petunia Pickle Bottoms diaper bag. I do not fall prey to trendy mom gear but this is one thing I truly covet. They are so pretty and so practical. Plus, it would double as my purse since carrying both is such a hassle. I think I will use some Christmas money and treat myself since I haven't done that in a very long time.
Lastly, I jogged the golf course today with Todd and I felt SO. GOOD. I was so tired but I pushed myself to the end. I used to run about 25 miles a week at one point in my former size 4 life. I will be back in my old Adidas tomorrow :)
I think that brings you up to date.

**ETA: I have decided that this year my resolution is to enjoy the little things in my life, draw happiness from them, and continue to grow as a person and as a mother for the tiny person that contains all that my life has become.


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Adriana said...

i wanted that exact onesie! so cute! i was having the exact same prob with my lacation...keep up with it, it will come back. mine did after lots of pumping and nursing for 24 hours. good luck!