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Saturday, August 28, 2010

The holidays are upon us.

August is almost over. Then comes September.

I am a total holiday dork. When October rolls around and the leaves start to crunch under my feet I get really excited. Crisp weather and the smells of the approaching winter make my heart warm and my spirit happy. Perhaps this is because my parents are awesome and made the season certainly jolly for my sister and me. Now that Olivia is here in our life I can only imagine that time of year to be even more joyous and fun. This will be her second holiday round, but the first occured when she was but a wee little bundle of newborn puke and baby squeaks. Now she will be a spunky and hyper little monster and an entire YEAR old.

If I could take my pick on how to spend this Christmas this is what I would choose: A log cabin in the mountains with lots of snow and a fireplace. A log cabin big enough for my parents, sister, and the three of us. We would wake up Christmas morning and look out the window to find everything covered in a cozy blanket of white snow. Then, we would sip hot chocolate with too many mini marshmallows and watch the Pea rip off eco-friendly wrapping paper off her new toys. I have never had a white Christmas and San Diego is not going to bring me one of those any time soon.

Now, answer me this: Are your kids going to be visited by Santa Claus? If so, what is your Santa story? If not, what will you be doing for them and why?


Eliska Bobeeska said...

Hi Val! I am reading one of the BEST parenting books I've read yet...called "Heaven on Earth". It's has a big section about "festivals" that you can have for different seasons, and is about cherishing our earth's SO GOOD - I really reccomend you read it before the holidays get here! Birthdays too! xoxo alisha

Radiant said...

Where did this year go?? It seems just like yesterday I was waiting by the phone thinking every call was you calling to say its time drive down here NOW! Give Boo a hug and kiss from Auntie Lu :*