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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Holy !&^* it happened.

My jeans buttoned. I mean, my SKINNY jeans buttoned. Sure, they give me a muffin top but they buttoned without me sucking in or laying down or anything crazy. Nine months later, Olivia has six teeth, says "bye", and my jeans buttoned.

Which brings to me this: I need a new look. I feel like doing something fun to my hair. I love fashion and dressing up but when I get bored I am always up for letting a good hairstylist do their creative thing on my head. About a month before I got pregnant I chopped off all my hair and got a pixie cut.

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I am going to make an appointment with the amazing Quinn over at Hair Drezzers on Fire and see what she has in mind for me...


Jess Craig said...

your hair looks amazing! you totally need to do that again.

congrats on getting back into your jeans!

Eliska Bobeeska said...

I love the pixie cut on you!! Sooo pretty!(Also just want to be sure you got my emails in the past when I wrote back to you- because I never heard back from any of them so just want to be sure you know I'm not ignoring you =)

Jessica said...

Yay Val, Congrats!!! And I think your hair looked great short too.

Mamabear said...

Hey Val! Where are you! It's been 8 days since your last blog !!! Get your butt into writing!! Lol seriously I need some more Olivia pics!! Or show us your new do!! And you totally rocked that pixi cut! <3