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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

So that's what these big boobs are for!

Breastfeeding has not been the easy, seamless process I thought it would be. It is getting better, I am not giving up. I bought a nipple shield at Target and that has helped her latch on a lot more efficiently. There are several factors that may have contributed to our sort of rocky start. First of all, I was not able to nurse right away. I was so zonked out on surgery drugs that I did not get to nurse her until a few hours after birth. I was in the recovery room after my c-section for two hours! I could not go to my room until I could move my legs again. Also, I was in a great deal of pain for the first couple of days. It even hurt to hold her! She still got all my colostrum, I nursed her even though it was hard. She cried and I wanted to, too. She passed her meconium within 48 hours and I have read that colostrum helps with that, so I am glad she got all the good stuff. We (gasp!) supplemented with Similac at the hospital after feedings because my milk hadn't come in and she would get very fussy. And much to the horror of the exclusively breastfeeding elite, I also liked the break that I got from formula feeding here and there. Once I got home, pumping became my new best friend. She was happy drinking from a bottle and I was happy knowing she was having a few (2-4) ounces of my milk each feeding! I still nursed her, but the pumping gave me reassurance she was getting enough and it was indeed easier. I have seen lactation nurses and they help in the moment, but it never worked out so well when they weren't there. Now it has been over a week and we are getting better at it. Breastfeeding her is crucial to me, and I have gotten some great advice from breastfeeding moms that did not have the super smooth start some women do. They have told me it gets better after a few weeks and now they fully enjoy it. I look forward to that!

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nch said...

Hi Val I found your blog from my sister Jessica's blog. A great free support group that has helped a lot of friends of mine is in Hillcrest at Milkmade at Home. Here is the link.

I went to the infant massage class there and really enjoyed it.