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Thursday, October 1, 2009

A little humor.

Yesterday I noticed Olivia wasn't being as acrobatic as usual. For a couple months now I feel her pretty much all day. If I am hungry, if I eat, if I am driving, anything! She was doing her expected number of movements for the day, but not as many as I like. This morning she was pretty lazy, too. I decided to go visit the nurses at Kaiser and get her checked out. Yes, I can be a bit paranoid. Even after I ate a bagel she was lazy and as we drove I took a couple sips of Todd's coffee and she was still quiet. When we arrived they decided to give her a non-stress test. It is a test created to make sure the baby is still thriving and happy and not under stress (especially as due dates get near). It measures her movements in conjunction with the rise and fall of her heart rate. So I lay down and get hooked up with little monitors on my belly. The nurse walks out and it's just me, Todd, and the little germ. Then she starts going nuts! She was practically pushing the monitors off my stomach! They were literally moving from side to side. Her heart rate was high, around 170 plus or minus, because she was so hyper! It was ridiculous. Well, she failed the test. Not because she wasn't moving (movement is the most reassuring sign of a healthy fetus) but because they couldn't establish a resting heart rate for her since she was doing karate in there. The second part of the test is an ultrasound to measure specific movements. So I settle onto the ultrasound table and the nurse puts the little wand thingy to my belly and Olivia is ASLEEP! She decided to go to take a nap for the part of the test that requires her to move and was too awake for the part that requires her to be relaxing! How silly is that?!! Anyway, she failed that part too since we couldn't wake her up. Her movements had to be voluntary or it wouldn't "count". Tomorrow I have to go back and get the test done again. Not because they are worried, obviously she is fine, but because Kaiser protocol requires a retake of the test if the baby fails (probably to avoid liability). She's too much.

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