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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

heart and stars.

When I think of the resilience of spirit of my two children it makes me fill with pride and also creates a major pull at my gut. They are so adaptable- as Todd and I hustle though the hurdles, putting it all into creating the foundation for the rest of our lives. They deserve the best and we want to create that.


 Lately this means they are apart from us for periods in the day. It means we are busy, our days hectic. And they roll with every curve. Vibrant and confident and smiley. It is because they're young and fresh but also because they are loved. At our home, at my parents', and their daycare. Daily I try to push back that part of me that reminds me that working away from home is not the best option for them. And so then I must meditate on the fact that in life we must do our best in every situation. All my cards are bet on the fact that putting forth every ounce of me will benefit my girls.


 And if I am ever home late, which thankfully is rare, I can sneak into Olivia's room and whisper in her ear that I love her. And even in her deepest sleep she will open her eyes to meet mine and smile. Back to dreamland she goes but content knowing mommy is home. So then I whisper to them:

"i love you.
  i love you.
    i love you.
      i love you."

And I know that in the dark it resonates and puts that swagger in their walk day after day. 

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