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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Cheddar hiatus.

(All photos on this post by Natalie Holford.)


After a blur of months from September-January I am on a hiatus from my work. When I say blur that is literally what I envision when I look back. A 6AM alarm clock, hurried shower, clothes thrown onto my body and my kids' bodies, chugs of coffee, quick drop-off at daycare kisses.


But, we did it. We got a flow. My gut literally twisted at fleeting moments of the day and I am sure my girls had moments of "WTF where is my mom?" but we did good. There was a routine. We had our chaotic daddy-cooked family dinners and I folded my body into Olivia's mini bed for a story most nights. Then there was that phase in December where I was away far too many hours. And there were tears.


Now I find myself with no set schedule in hand and shock of the switch is staggering. I mean, I wake up and stare at two pairs of large, expectant eyes and I wonder- How did I spend so much time away from you? And before that, how did I spend so much time with you? There must be a manual somewhere.


So, here I find myself. With polar opportunities once again. The comfort and the sacrifice. A few doors are open but how to choose? I have no idea what is the next step that will suit us best but for now I guess there will be many park days, random explorations of the backyard, and moments where I will miss where I was when I was missing them.



Anonymous said...

Would you please provide me instructions on how to send you a private message? I noticed the layout of your blog has changed so the information is no longer there. I want to let you know that I enjoy your blog posts (seldom as they may sometimes come =])...

Valeria said...

I have added my email to the top of my page below the title. Thanks so much for reading :)

The Garlick's said...

yay! YOU'RE BACK! My blog is badly in need of updating. I feel the strain of mom/worker/wife and the blog is very low on the list. I'm happy to see your girls are doing so well, I love your pictures and hope you had a wonderful Christmas!! My blog has changed--I'm now =)